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  22.09.2017, 10:45h

School calendar for 2017/2018

The Public Institute of Krka National Park has presented its new school calendar, prepared at the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year for pupils of the first grade of all primary schools in Šibenik-Knin County.

The presentation of the calendar was held on Friday, 22 September 2017 in the 1a class of the Petar Krešimir IV Primary School in Šibenik. The excellent cooperation we have had with preschools and schools over the years was an additional motive for Krka National Park to prepare a school calendar featuring some of the magical stories of the Krka River. The goal is to acquaint children with all the beauty that exists in their direct vicinity, so as to awaken their curiosity and love for nature.

People need water to live, and so since ancient times, people have chosen to live by the Krka River. Today, when visitors come to the Krka River, they usually visit Skradinski buk. But the Krka is so much more than that. You children have so much time to explore so many sites with your parents. In order to show you all that the Krka is hiding, we have prepared this school calendar for you, and each page shows some of the important events from history. The story leads us from prehistoric times in the Oziđana pećina cave, via Burnum and the amphitheatre where we organise the Burnum Ides, all the way to the medieval fortresses of Bogočin, Trošenj and Ključica, the sacral heritage of Visovac Island and the Krka Monastery, the water mills and industrial plants, thanks to which Šibenik was the first city in Europe to receive electricity based on alternating current. The calendar has been visually designed like the social game that we are preparing for you children and we expect to be ready at the end of the year. I hope that you will all come to Krka National Park for a visit,” stated Krešimir Šakić, MSc, director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park.

The first school calendar prepared by the Public Institute of Krka National Park was for the 2016/17 academic year, and presented the wealth of natural heritage in the park. It was also distributed to all first graders in Šibenik-Knin County. During the school year, pupils were able to follow the seasons at various localities in the park. The calendar follows the activities through the school year, from September to June. It also marks the holidays, and important dates for nature conservation, in order to celebrate them together with the school children.

We went to where the waterfalls fall… I rode on a boat… I was there… I was in the cave with my cousins (Oziđana pećina)… I was there on the next page (Burnum amphitheatre)… There where they fought with swords... I watched that in a cartoon … Ooooh, what's that (fortress)?.. I was there (Visovac)… Let me see … Tell us more …”, were just a few of the comments on this lovely adventure by the pupils of the 1a class in the Petar Krešimir IV Primary School, who all promised that they would visit Krka National Park soon.

We wish all our loyal rangers a successful school year!