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  05.12.2018, 11:23h

Krka NP at Šibenik’s Adventura


Šibenik’s Adventura is an entertaining festival in anticipation of the Christmas and New Year's holidays, and will be held from 6 December 2018 until 2 January 2019.

The Christmas market locations have been expanded from one to four, which will breathe life into the old city core outside the main tourism season. In addition to providing enjoyment for the local population, Adventura is sure to attract numerous visitors from other Croatian cities, and from other countries as well.

This event also has an ecological theme, as it is the only plastic-free Christmas market in Croatia. Disposable plastic products are among the main ecological issues of today, and education, particularly of the younger generations, is the best way to create new habits that are good for the Earth.

Adventura also has a children's version - Adventurica. Educating children and environmental protection are the ideal motives for the Public Institute of Krka National Park to get involved in this event, not only as a sponsor, but also actively in the programme segment.

Just as the workshop programme is the essence of the International Children's Festival in Šibenik in the summer months, this educational and entertainment programme for children is also fun and diverse. The programme begins on 7 December at the Study Gallery of St. Chrysogonus (Sveti Krševan), formerly the Matija Gallery. In the afternoon hours, workshops will be held to make pearls out of old paper, and decorative roses out of plastic bags. Children can try their hand at creating pop-up cards with recycled elements, and Christmas ornaments from objects that have been thrown away. All these workshops are designed to breathe new life into old objects and materials, giving them new lustre and purpose. The true spirit of Christmas lies within, something we tend to forget in our consumerist daily life.

Just as the Public Institute of Krka National park pointed out at this year's GreenEye Festival, large quantities of food thrown away is not only a moral and economic problem, but also an ecological problem. That is why we have joined in at Adventura with culinary workshops to prepare healthy food from locally produced foods: Careful sweets!, Mixtures! and Nature made! energy bars, traditional sweet treats and healthy smoothies will all be found around the holiday table at Krka National Park.

We invite children and their parents to join us in this Advent adventure, to make Christmas ornaments to save the blue planet we live on, to try a tasty treat and to spend the afternoon having fun with others. Joy to the World!


On 7, 8, 10 and 11 December at the Matija Gallery, take part in the workshop to make pearls out of shiny newspaper that we can string into bracelets and necklaces.

On 10 and 11 December a second workshop will be held: creating large roses out of plastic bags, and can be worn as an accessory or decorate a purse, worn as a bracelet, etc. To take part in this workshop, bring along some old newspaper and magazines, and colourful plastic bags.

We will be making snow globes on 12 and 19 December, Christmas ornaments on 14, 18, 21 and 22 December, and 3D cards on 15, 16 and 17 December. We will make snow globes out of old jars using a range of decorations made from old wool, string, rope and glue. The technique is simple: dip the wool into glue, wrap around the template and use toothpicks, styrofoam and our hands instead of nails, wood and a hammer. To participate in this workshop, please bring some materials along with you: a jar with a lid, wool, rope, thick string, old shoelaces, buttons, caps, small figures, rocks, marbles, Christmas ornaments and anything else you wish to put in your snow globe. We will make the 3D eco-cards out of paper. Inside we glue the patterns and decorate them in various ways, using paper or old shoelaces, buttons, caps and other objects, whatever your creative mind can imagine! Together we will also make paper angels to decorate the Christmas tree in our home, and decorate them. If these workshops are interesting to you and you wish to participate, bring along some old paper and magazines, used wrapping paper, collage paper, old shoelaces, buttons, caps, decorative ribbons and anything else you think would make a nice decoration.

All workshops will be held from 5 to 7 pm, in addition to the three culinary workshops: Careful sweets!, Mixtures! and Nature made! that will be fragrantly held at the same place on 10, 17 and 21 December.