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  27.05.2020, 07:12h

The famous Croatian DJ is performing at Skradinski buk waterfall for over half a million followers

Krka NP has become a scene for the famous Šibenik DJ Lawrence Klein whose two hour performance will be broadcasted on Facebook this Thursday at 9 pm

The highly popular electronic music performance surrounded by pristine nature of Krka National Park is a continuance of a series of streaming of foreign and domestic DJ sets at recognisable Croatian locations like the fortresses of St. Nicholas and St. Michael, the Šibenik City Hall and the Museum of Šibenik. The world famous scenery of Skradinski buk waterfall will become part of an audio and visual postcard of the 32 year old promising Croatian DJ and producer Lawrence Klein. The two hour performance will be broadcasted on Thursday, 28 May at 9 pm on the Facebook page of NP „Krka“ and over twenty other Facebook pages with more than half a million followers.

By this cooperation Krka NP has supported this talented Šibenik DJ and the awarded Šibenik association RatCat who has revitalised the local musical and cultural scene by devoted engagement. A unique connection of art expression and natural ressources created sinergy with a common goal to promote tourism in Šibenik and Croatia. All the more popular video streaming of DJ sets, whose rating has multiplied during the past months due to the inability of performing in clubs and popular festivals, dedicates a special attention in choosing attractive locations which combined with a quality electronic music creates a unique and incomparable audio and visual experience.

Join us at the most glamorous performance of DJ Lawrence Klein at one of the most splendid and most recognisable locations of Krka National Park. Enjoy a pleasant and melodious music accompanied by breathtaking scenery of Skradinki buk waterfall recorded from gound and from the air.

Detailed information can be found on the Facebook event Lawrence Klein pres. Krka National Park.

Photo: Valerio Baranović