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  22.02.2021, 08:54h

New book gifted to county school children as part of the project “Filling school libraries”

The school libraries in Šibenik-Knin County have been enriched with yet another volume published by the Public Institute of Krka NP. This is the book entitled “Historical Geography of the Krka River: cartographic testimonials” by Mirela Slukan-Altić.

The project “Filling school libraries” was launched in 2007 with the aim of donating books from the publication activities of the Public Institute of Krka National Park to primary and secondary schools in the county, to nurture the love and fondness for the Park and for nature in general. Education is one of the most important roles of a protected area, and knowledge is always multiplied when it is divided (shared). Therefore, those who know the Krka best are its greatest spokespeople, and all those who understand how we can protect the environment are the best investment in our future.

The Krka River is not only a hydrological and geomorphological phenomenon. The area of the Krka River has always had a specific role in Croatian history: from the ancient period, when it formed the boundaries between the Liburnia and Delmati tribes, to the medieval period, when it formed the heart of the medieval Croatian state, to the early new age, when this area was the site of battles for the survival of Dalmatia during the time of the Turkish invasions. In the 1990s, during the Homeland War, the area of the Krka River once again became the front line of defence of the Republic of Croatia, once again confirming its role as an important link in the protection of Croatian survival and historical continuity. Today, the Krka River area holds a prominent place in the regional development of the Republic of Croatia. Cartographic maps containing the name of the Krka River and the name of its settlements are credible witnesses to the many centuries of the historical and cultural continuity of the Krka River area.