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  28.05.2020, 18:30h

Forest workshop at Stinice on the occasion of the World Environment Day

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, 5 June, in the century-old forest on the shores of Visovac Lake, a workshop "For knowledge to the forest" was held for preschoolers from the home "Miljenko and Dobrila" from Kaštel Lukšić at Stinice.

Krka National Park is one of Croatia's youngest national parks, and that is why we are so keen to work with children in numerous educational workshops. After a two-month break, the children are in the Park again with Krka NP educators, in play and with a pencil in hand, in an ambience adapted for children.

The forest has always had a special place in the world of imagination. It is inhabited by wolves, dwarves, elves and other magical creatures from numerous stories and fairy tales. Among the famous forests of popular culture, such as Sherwood or Stribor Forest, the Krka National Park also has its famous forest. The century's old hornbeam and oak forest on the shores of Visovac Lake, though small in area and measuring just 8 hectares, is considered one of the most valuable stands of this type in Croatia, making it the ideal place for an authentic and comprehensive experience of the forest world and for learning about its properties. At the edge of the forest is the Visovac Kuželj House, which houses the permanent exhibit called the Logger's House, about the indigenous forest community of pedunculate oak and Oriental hornbeam.

Educational workshop “For knowledge to the forest” is intended for children of all ages and it is part of the large educational project entitled “Returning nature to children”. The objective of this workshop is to offer children an authentic first-hand experience of nature and the forest, in an authentic locality in the old oak forest. The workshop includes a guided walk through the forest, with lessons about the role of the forests and uses of the forests, and proper conduct in forests, followed by a tour of the viewing points and finally educational tasks and games in the courtyard of the visitor centre. Among the most interesting tasks of the forest, workshops are recognizing the bark of different trees, getting to know the microworld of insects under the tree bark, fun brain teasers, and workshops on the topic of life in the forest.

Today, when families have returned to nature, the educational role of protected areas is even greater. The Public Institute of Krka National Park has been implementing education programmes for children for many years. Through play, active learning and group and independent work, they are able to systematically learn about the wealth of natural, cultural and historical heritage in the Park.