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  05.09.2017, 07:30h

First Green Eye Festival completed

The new festival of the Public Institute of Krka National Park addresses ecological issues, and as of next year, will take place at localities within the national park.

This weekend, Šibenik was host to the Green Eye Festival as part of the Krka Cultural Summer programme. The festival was held under the slogan Nature is Watching You – Priroda te gleda. The Green Eye festival is dedicated to environmental protection and flora and fauna conservation topics. The launching of the festival was initiated by the Public Institute of Krka National Park, and the festival was organised by the production company Spiritus movens d.o.o. Outdoor film screenings in front of the Šibenik Museum served as a fantastic backdrop for this festival completely dedicated to ecology. In additional to outdoor screenings, due to heavy rains, several of the screenings were held indoors in the Šibenik Museum.

“The primary goal in deciding to launch the Green Eye film festival was to raise awareness about the ecological challenges our civilisation is facing: global warming, environmental pollution, and the extinction of endangered species. We wanted above all to stress the importance of establishing balance between humans and nature, the influence that nature has on our health, and the role of the individual in conserving it. Therefore, we hope and believe that this festival will be held in the years to come, and that we will expand the venues to include sites within Krka National Park”, stated Krešimir Šakić, MSc, director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park.

During the three-day festival, visitors were invited to watch six long and three short films. The festival was opened with the film Hvala na kiši / Thank you for the rain. After the film, Chris White, composer of the film score, addressed the public and stressed his amazement at the beauty of Croatia, which he was visiting for the first time. The second film shown on Friday was Leonardo DiCaprio’s Prije poplave / Before the Flood. The programme on Saturday evening was opened with the film: Sjeme: Neispričana priča / Seed: The Untold story followed by the film Utrka s izumiranjem / Racing Extinction. The final evening featured the Croatian-Canadian collaboration on the short film Ježeva kuća / Hedgehog’s Home after the classic poem by Branko Ćopić, and finally the film Kako pustiti svijet na miru i voljeti ono što klima ne može promijeniti / How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change about the impacts of climate change on the world around us.

In addition to the feature length films, the festival also showed short films from the series Priroda govori / Nature is Speaking as part of a provocative advertising campaign to invite people to start listening to nature. The campaign consists of several short films that were shown at the festival: Majka priroda / Mother natureOcean / OceanPrašuma / Rainforest, with narration provided by the actors Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and Kevin Spacey.

The festival was supported by numerous public personas, such as director Bobo Jelčić with his daughter Lola Jelčić, director Vinko Brešan, actor Goran Bogdan, fashion agency owner Tihana Harapin Zalepugin, and designers Loredana Bahorić and Ruža Hodak.

“Sometimes we need to look around and get out of the fast track life we live, and dedicate a little time to the world we are leaving for future generations. I am so pleased that there are people who have decided to hold this festival, and to use the art of film to warn us of the mistakes we are making. I am here with my daughter Lola, as I think it is important to teach children from their earliest years that we need to have a responsible attitude towards nature,” stressed director Bobo Jelčić.