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  25.08.2017, 10:44h

Green Eye – Nature Is Watching You

Green Eye – Nature Is Watching You / Priroda te gleda is a new film festival organised by the Public Institute of Krka National Park and the Spiritus movens production company.

The festival will be held from 1 to 3 September 2017 in Šibenik, on the seafront by the Šibenik City Museum. The Green Eye Festival is dedicated to the themes of environmental protection and nature conservation, particularly conservation of the flora and fauna, and is aimed at raising awareness of the ecological challenges our civilisation is faced with, in particular global warming, environmental pollution and the extinction of threatened species. Current films dealing with these issues tell us how important it is to establish a balance between humans and nature, just how much nature affects our health, and the role of the individual in preserving it.

“It is our great honour and privilege to bring together eminent names in the film industry, whose creative achievements are contributing to conserving nature and to raising awareness of the need to protect our environment. Man and nature are inseparable, and their harmony must be preserved for future generations. It is precisely this love for nature and the mission of the national park that has stimulated us to launch the Green Eye Festival, out of a desire for stimulating positive change. Each year, it is our goal that our diverse summer cultural programme has a positive impact on the awareness of the local community, and visitors to the park. We believe that together we can succeed in supporting the protection of our exceptional planet,” stressed Krešimir Šakić, MSc, director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park, at the presentation of the new festival and its programme in the Šibenik City Museum.

Though environmental protection and global warming are popular terms in recent years, there is still a huge gap between words and concrete action. In an appeal to conserve our planet, numerous filmmakers and Hollywood stars have since become involved, and their works are being shown at the Green Eye Festival. From 1 to 3 September 2017, the Šibenik historical centre will become an oasis of “green films”, many of which have already received numerous international awards and recognitions.

The “Green Eye” community was wished a warm welcome by festival art and programme director Hrvoje Petek: “This festival will screen five long and four short films, which point out the greatest ecological challenges of our time, and aim to inform the public about environmental pollution, and raise our awareness and sense of responsibility, so that each of us can contribute to improving how we coexist with nature. Global warming is a term that we are hearing more and more of in recent years. The causes of these threats, and their consequences, are well known to us all, but most people still choose to live believing that this is something that does not concern them. We are obliged to ask ourselves about our actions, and to find ways to improve our coexistence with nature.”

The festival will be opened with the film Hvala na kiši / Thank you for the Rain, which follows the story of the Kenyan farmer Kisilu on his journey to the UN Conference on Climate Change. The film Prije poplave / Before the Flood is the story of Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio and his journey over five continents and the Arctic, including discussions with scientists, world leaders and the local population. The Saturday evening programme begins with Sjeme: neispričana priča / Seed: The Untold Story, about seeds as a valuable story controlled by mega-corporations, while Utrka s izumiranjem / Racing Extinction tells of the hidden world of threatened species. The final evening will show the short Croatian/Canadian collaboration Ježeva kuća / Hedgehog’s Home, based on the classic poem by Branko Ćopić, and Kako pustiti svijet na miru i voljeti ono što klima ne može promijeniti /How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change, about the impacts that climate change is having on all of us.

The festival will also present the short film Priroda govori / Nature is Speaking, as part of a provocative advertising campaign inviting people to begin listening to nature. The campaign was launched by the association Conservation International, which has been working towards building a healthier and more productive planet for the past 30 years. The campaign consists of several short films, with the films Majka priroda / Mother natureOcean / Ocean and Prašuma / Rainforest to be screened at this festival. The films are narrated by Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and Kevin Spacey. People are taking more from nature than she can give, which is ultimately threatening our own lives. The message the films gets across is simple: nature does not need people, but people need nature.

The Green Eye Film Festival is part of the Krka Cultural Summer programme. The film screenings during the three days of the festival will be on the seafront in front of the Šibenik City Museum. Entrance to all screenings is free of charge. The film programme will include discussions after each screening, and an excursion to Krka National Park. In the case of rain, screenings on Friday (1 September) and Sunday (3 September) will be moved to the Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik, while screenings on Saturday (2 September) will be moved to the Šibenik City Museum.

Bring a blanket or pillow to sit under the starry sky in the historic centre of Šibenik and listen to the voice of nature and the unique message of the festival: Nature is Watching You / Priroda te gleda!



FRIDAY, 1 September at 8:00 pm

Hvala na kiši / Thank You For the Rain (59 min., 2017, Great Britain, Norway, Kenya) 

This is the first feature length film by director Julie Dahr, a rising star in the film industry. Two years ago, she won the One World Media Award, and was included on the Forbe's List of young people under 30 years who have a great impact in the world of media. The film follows the story of Kenyan farmer Kisilu, who films the life of his village after it is impacted by devastating climate change, and as he travels to Paris for the UN Conference on Climate Change.

Festivals and awards: CPH:DOX, Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest (ecology award), FICMEC (best feature length documentary)


FRIDAY, 1 September at 9:15 pm

Prije poplave / Before the Flood (96 min., 2016, USA)

The film follows Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio on his journey over five continents and the Arctic, and his discussions with scientists, world leaders, activists and the local population on the climate change that is affecting the Earth. The film is directed by actor and director Fisher Stevens, known for his roles in films such as Hotel Grand Budapest and Ave, Cezare! As a producer and director, he has participated on many films, including the Academy Award Winner The Cove, and the film Stand Up Guys.

Festivals and awards: Toronto International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Hollywood Film Awards (best documentary film)


SATURDAY, 2 September at 8:00 pm

Sjeme: Neispričana priča / Seed: The Untold Story (60 min., 2016, USA)

Authors of the film, Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz, also worked together making Kraljica sunca: što nam pčele poručuju / Queens of the sun: what are the bees telling us? This film talks about seeds as one of the most valuable resources, that are controlled by the biotechnology and chemical companies. Meanwhile, farmers, scientists, lawyers and the protectors of indigenous species are battling these companies like David against Goliath, in order to protect the future of our food sources.

Festivals and awards: Sheffield Doc/Fest (ecology award), Rhode Island Film Festival (Green planet award), Nashville Film Festival (best documentary), Princeton Environmental Film Festival (best film), American Conservation Festival (audience award), IDFA, UN Film Festival (best cinematography), Portland EcoFilm Festival (EcoHero Award), Lunenberg Doc Fest (audience award), Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto (Best Feature Film), San Diego Film Festival (audience award), Cine Eco Portugal (special recognition), Et Cultura Festival (best ecological film), Lunenberg Doc Fest (best documentary)


SATURDAY, 2 September at 9:15 pm

Utrka s izumiranjem / Racing Extinction (94 min., 2015, USA)

This film brings the story of director Louie Psihoyos, who gets involved in a secret campaign with activities, photographers and scientists to reveal the hidden world of our threatened species, and attempts to protect them from mass extinction. The author of the film is also founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society, and one of the world's most respected photographers. His first documentary film The Cove won over 70 awards, including an Academy Award for best feature documentary film in 2009.

Festivals and awards: Academy Award nomination in 2016 for best original score, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, San Francisco Green Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival, Festival of Tolerance JFF Zagreb, Transitions Film Festival, Deconstructing Dinner Film Fest, Seattle International Film Festival, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, UK Green Film Festival, Wild Film Festival Scotland, Salt Spring Film Festival, One Earth Film Festival, Animal Voices Film Festival, Wild & Scenic Film Festival


SUNDAY, 3 September at 8:00 pm

Ježeva kuća / Hedgehog’s Home (10 min., 2017, Canada/Croatia)

This Croatian/Canadian film was made after the classic poem by Branko Ćopić, and follows the adventures of a hedgehog named Ježurka and brings the universal message that there is no place like home. Croatian director Eva Cvijanović is known for her previous work including documentaries, puppet movies, films and videogames.

Festivals and awards: Berlinale (special recognition), KIKI (best film), Animafest Zagreb (special recognition, audience award), Annecy International Animation Festival (best film for children and youth), VAFI (Midi Senior Grand Prix award), Croatian Film Days (Oktavijan award for animated film, best score, audience award), Split International Film Festival (audience award, special recognition), Supertoon (Grand Prix), Curtas Vila do Conde, Pula Film Festival, Motovun Film Festival, Holland Animation Film Festival, Zlin Film Festival, Postira Seaside Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival


SUNDAY, 3 September at 8:00 pm

Kako pustiti svijet na miru i voljeti ono što klima ne može promijeniti / How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change (125 min., 2016, USA)

This film deals with the disconcerting fact that our atmosphere has been irreparably damaged. On a journey over six continents, we soon realise that it is perhaps too late to prevent the worst consequences of climate change, and we must ask ourselves if there is anything that climate cannot destroy. Director Josh Fox is well known for his award-winning film Gasland which was nominated for an Academy Award, and won an Emmy for best direction in a documentary film.

Festivals and awards: Sundance Film Festival, Hot Docs, Environmental Film Festival (best documentary film)


In addition to the above films, during all three festival days, the short films in the series Priroda govori / Nature is Speaking will be shown. These short films pass on the message that nature does not need people, but that people need nature. This campaign was launched by Conservation International, which has been working for over 30 years towards building a healthier and more productive planet. In the three films to be presented at the Green Eye festival this year, the narration was provided by Julia Roberts (film Majka priroda / Mother Nature), Harrison Ford (film Ocean / Ocean) and Kevin Spacey (film Prašuma / Rainforest).