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  26.10.2017, 08:28h

Humanitarian action by the Latinsko Idro Association


The Krka National Park joined in a humanitarian action organized by the Latinsko Idro Association from Murter, on the occasion of the jubilee 20th Latinsko Idro, a gathering of traditional vessels with a lateen sail.

Photographs were presented at the humanitarian exhibition taken through the lenses of the best photographers during the lat nineteen meetings. All the proceeds from the sale of the photographs are intended for the construction of a new kindergarten and nursery school in Murter.

Five photographs each were donated by Ivo Pervan, Boris Kragić, Boško Lučev, George Gindl, Jadran Babić, Šime Strikoman, Nikša Stipaničev, Božidar Vukičević, Mario Romulić, Igor Tomljenović, Igor Turčinov, and Neven Jović, while five photographs were donated from the archives of the Kornati National Park. The Krka National Park chose a photograph by Nikša Stipaničev.

Latinsko Idro is a gathering of traditional vessels with lateen sails, called gaeta, kaić and leuta, used by the inhabitants of the island of Murter for hundreds of years for transportation between their home island and their lands on the Kornati islands, as well as along the coast from Makarina to Kument. Along with the regatta itself as the central event, the Latinsko Idro event consists of many more activities, such as this exhibition, representing the heritage of naval skills, knowledge, and craft.