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  22.11.2017, 11:39h

Naša Krka – presentation of the brochure to the beneficiaries of the Šibenik Social Inclusion Centre

A presentation was held for the beneficiaries of the Šibenik Social Inclusion Centre (known as Inclusion Šibenik) for the small travel guide for visitors of Krka National Park.

The guide is the result of the project “Naša Krka” (Our Krka), that has been implemented since March 2017 and was financially supported by the Public Institute of Krka National Park through an invitation to societies for the financing of projects from the Krka National Park budget for this year.

“With this project, we wanted to empower young people with intellectual difficulties who have not yet had the opportunity to visit Krka National Park to do so, and to actively contribute in improving the accessibility of the sights of Krka National Park for persons with disabilities. The youth participated in the process of creating the brochure, and this project is aimed at raising public awareness of their potential and capabilities,” stressed project manager, Marijana Mijat.

The beneficiaries of the centre took the photographs of the beauty of the national park during two excursions. They selected the best photos and their experiences were turned into a brochure thanks to graphic artist Lovro Vudrag, who was inspired by the design of the brochure by their visit to Skradinski buk.

“Inclusion Šibenik is one of the best examples of how to apply awarded funds to create a great project. From this brochure, one can see that the beneficiaries truly enjoyed their visit to the Krka River, and that it what is most important. The Public Institute of Krka National Park and Inclusion Šibenik are also working together through the employment of one beneficiary, through the employment programme to support persons with intellectual difficulties. We are exceptionally proud of this cooperation, as the park has received a high quality and well-liked employee, and we hope that she is just as satisfied as we are,” stressed director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park, Krešimir Šakić.

A total of 300 brochures were printed. The brochures are written in an easy to understand style, are intended for persons with difficulties, and will be distributed to the tourist boards and Krka National Park, so that other persons with intellectual difficulties can have the opportunity to learn more about the park in a manner that is adapted to them.

Since its inception in 2003, the Šibenik Social Inclusion Centre has been carrying out projects directed at the social inclusion of persons with disabilities, and raising public awareness on a range of social issues. Over the past 13 years, the Centre has implemented a series of projects directed at education and work with youth. These projects are particularly focused on promoting and recognising of the work capabilities of persons with disabilities, through their creative activities, and in cooperation with society as a whole.