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  08.08.2017, 07:41h

The opening of the exhibitions “The Art of the Stone Age” and “The Secrets of the Underworld”

On Sunday, the 16th of Juky 2017, in the Speleograllery, the exhibition space in Baredine Cave, the opening was held of the exhibits “The Art of the Stone Age” and “The Secrets of the Underworld”.

After the already traditional Sunday music played by the Baredinosaur, those gathered first visited the specially prepared prehistoric open-air kitchen. In the underground cave, in a manner more than 30,000 years old, game and domestic animals were prepared with vegetables, as well as shark wrapped in grape leaves and baked in clay.   

The exhibitions were opened by Marino Baldini, MA, and the audience was also briefly addressed by Silvio Legović, director of the Baredine Cave, Drago Marguš, PhD, professional manager of the Krka National Park, and Kazimir Miculinić, PhD, the co-author of both exhibits.

After the introductory speeches, the visitors toured the exhibitions in the newly opened Speleogallery Baredine.

The upper part of the gallery, in cooperation with the Krka National Park and Baredine Cave, the latter a geomorphological natural monument, was used to present the exhibition “Secrets of the Underworld”, which is the result of lengthy cooperation between the Croatian Biospeleology Society and the Krka National Park. The subject of the exhibition is the mysterious animal world inhabiting caves and grottos, displayed in this way to the general public. The exhibition can be viewed daily in Baredine Cave during working hours until the 31st of August 2017.

The second exhibition, called “The Art of the Stone Age”, is located in the unique underground section of the gallery and will be part of the permanent exhibition. Cave drawings and a collection of replicas of prehistoric Venus figurines have been added to displays on the art of making tools and preparing food as important aspects in the development of mankind.

The final act of the event was tasting the food of the Stone Age, which all the visitors enjoyed.

Visitors to Baredine Cave will have the opportunity to try food prepared in this manner as part of seasonal offerings.

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