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  20.05.2020, 07:38h

Favorite destination for cyclists – Krka NP

Krka NP is a National Park with the most kilometres of cycling routes in Croatia. With 470 kilometres, the Krka Bike project has enriched the offer of specific tourist forms that attract visitors looking for an active vacation.

Twenty months since their opening, over 470 kilometres of well-maintained bicycle routes in Krka National Park that pass through the untouched nature of the most beautiful part of the Krka River, have become a favorite destination for visitors looking for an active vacation. The most attractive parts of the Park are connected with 14 circular bicycle routes of different levels of difficulty. The ideal combination of different terrain configurations and rich natural, cultural and historical heritage enables discovering this destination in a completely different and sustainable way.

Whether it is for beginners, recreational or professionals – five MTB or mountain bike routes, three Road routes, and six Track routes for pleasant family rides will satisfy different adventurous needs and tastes. The most fitted adventurers will surely dare the longest route, the so-called "Royal Route", a 95.1 km long route that begins in front of the Krka National Park branch office in Skradin, passes through Rupe and Kistanje, and ends in Burnum (Roman military amphitheatre). On the return to Skradin, it descends twice into the canyon of the Krka River (at the Brljan waterfall and the Roški slap waterfall), and after Laškovica returns to Skradin along the same route. The shortest bicycle route, 8.6 km long, from Skradin leads upstream along the Krka River to Skradinski buk waterfall, the most beautiful and most visited waterfall on the Krka River.

„With the Krka Bike project, we wanted to strengthen the potential for cycling-touristic development of Krka National Park, since it is a sustainable type of tourism that has many advantages – from individual ones such as a positive impact on health, to broader ones concerning the impact on local economic activities. At the same time, biking and trekking have a slight impact on the environment, which is extremely important to us since the routes are located in the protected nature of the Park“ said the director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park Nella Slavica and added: "Apart from offering an excellent opportunity to visit natural beauties that you did not even know existed, our cycling routes also have an educational role because they reveal hidden treasures of rich cultural and historical heritage preserved by the Krka National Park ”.

Until 18 June, all visitors are able to visit the Park at a promotional ticket price of 50 kunas for adults and 25 kunas for children and young, while the youngest visitors have free admission.

More information on cycling routes, maps and GPS coordinates of the routes as well as rules of conduct for cyclists can be found at Krka Bike webpage and