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  21.03.2020, 12:24h

Krka NP closed for visitors

From 21 March 2020 Krka National Park will be closed for visitors in accordance with the recommendations of the competent authorities.

The decision was made to provide necessary protection measures for visitors, employees and associates during the coronavirus pandemic. The duration of this mode of operation in Krka National Park will depend on the information and instructions by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Civil Protection Headquarters.

All the inquiries to the Public Institute of Krka National Park for the duration of extraordinary circumstances and measures can be submitted electronically.

The Public Institute of Krka National Park will notify the visitors and stakeholders of changes related to the work through the official website of Krka National Park and social media networks.

Be responsible. Stay at home and protect your own and the health of your beloved ones.