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  08.07.2019, 08:36h

Krka Cultural Summer

Yet another Krka Cultural Summer is before us.

Numerous locations in Krka National Park and the surrounding towns will serve as the venues for the artistic programme that is tailored to the fairy-tale ambiance of the protected natural area and the cultural and historical importance of this area. It is the objective of Krka Cultural Summer to present the synergy of natural, cultural and historical heritage to the local population and visitors, in an interesting yet leisurely way. This year's edition has a traditional and rich programme for all generations and different musical tastes.


Zvuci Krke – The Sounds of the River

12 July: Vatra, Drniš

30 July: Šibenik Chamber Orchestra, Stinice

2 August: 4 Tenors, Skradin


The Sounds of the River begins on 12 July in Drniš with the concert by the rock bank Vatra from Virovitica. Then we descend along the serpentine turns to Stinice, to the banks of Visovac Lake, where the Šibenik Chamber Orchestra will perform in the small amphitheatre of the newly constructed visitor centre. In the town of klapa music, Skradin, the 4 Tenors accompanied by a musical ensemble, will perform on 2 August.


Daily concerts

Zvona Zagore culture & arts society

28 July, 4 August, Skradinski buk
18 August, Roški slap

Šibenske Šuštine cultural society

23 July and 13 August, Skradinski buk

Skradin Town Music

1 July, 13 July, 5 August, Skradinski buk 
24 August, Roški slap

Dubrava kod Šibenika culture & arts society

16 July and 9 August, Skradinski buk

Sveti Mihovil male choir

18 and 31 July, 7 and 31 August, Skradinski buk
21 August, Roški slap

Klapa Žirje

12 and 26 August, Skradinski buk


In order to present our visitors with the wealth of musical tradition in this region, and our valuable intangible heritage that today is nurtured by talented new generations, a series of smaller concerts will be held all summer long at Skradinski buk waterfall and Roški slap waterfall. All performances at Skradinski buk will be held from 11 am to noon, while performances at Roški slap will be held from 1 to 2 pm.


13th Burnum Ides – “Amor clavicula magnae vitae est – Love is the small key to a grand life”

13 August, Burnum


Love is the theme of this year's Burnum Ides, an event that revitalises the era of the famous Roman Empire in the area of Krka National Park at the Burnum military amphitheatre. Someone once joked that Greek mythology would have been much shorter without Zeus' love life. It is similar in the Roman Pantheon, and in the stormy lives of the Roman Emperors and their great loves.


Bat Night

30 August, Skradin


In order to demonstrate just how special bats are, as the best known winged mammals, and to highlight the importance of their protection, the Public Institute of Krka National Park has traditionally organised Bat Night, under the motto “Let's give more for the bats”. Celebrating Bat Night is aimed to combat prejudices, created from numerous folk legends, about bats as dangerous creatures, as this has led to threats against their habitats and against bats themselves. There are 17 bat species inhabiting Krka National Park, almost half of all bat species found in Croatia, 35 in total.


Green Eye Festival

11 – 13 October, Šibenik


A part of the Krka Cultural Summer is the Green Eye Festival, a film festival dedicated to environmental protection and nature conservation. This year, the festival will be held somewhat later, from 11 to 13 October. The topic is the importance of water, and in addition to a premium film programme, visitors can also participate in educational and entertainment content of the festival.


We look forward to enjoying another Krka Cultural Summer with you!