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  26.01.2017, 10:37h

Nocturno Krka National Park


To celebrate its 32nd anniversary, the Public Institute of Krka National Park presented a new promotional 3-minute time-lapse video.

Numerous attendees present at the Juraj Šižgorić Library in Šibenik were delighted and applauded the new video produced by Nocturno, which shows the Krka River in its full splendour. The promotional video was created by Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić, while Rucner gave a distinctive cello accompaniment to the stunning scenes of the Krka River.

Some 220,000 photographs were produced to make the film, with about 70,000 used in the film. The material was recorded in all seasons over a three-year period, and processing the photographs took six months.

It is interesting to stress that all the night-time photographs were taken exclusively in the moonlight, to depict the Krka River, unburdened and alone in the silence, under the vast starry sky. In the river, the rough karst and living waters come together to form a harmonious whole, leaving us breathless at the sight, and making all those who love nature and the Krka, and all future visitors, fall even deeper in love with the river.

The time lapse technique of making videos is based on series of photographs taken at specific intervals to give the impression of a rapid passing of time. Twelve minutes is needed to obtain 24 night-time photographs in time lapse technique, that results in a second of video.