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  13.10.2020, 12:32h

Spend every October weekend in nature

The entrance ticket for Krka National Park is 50 kn, and the possibilities of visiting are countless – we have three suggestions.

If you walk through the century-old forest of pubescent oak and Oriental hornbeam at Stinice, you will see what October means in all its ocher beauty. And the rain that will follow us this week will stop just before the weekend, so you can see what the waters of heaven and the waters of the earth look like when they merge and overflow over the seven magnificent waterfalls of the Krka River.

Krka National Park joined the Tjedan odmora vrijedan program, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and sports and the Croatian National Tourist Board, and the Weekend in Nature campaign fits just right. Every Saturday and Sunday in October, individual visitors can visit Krka National Park at a promotional ticket price of 50 kn for adults and children aged seven to eighteen. Because there is no good or bad weather. There is only weather. And it should be used literally and figuratively. Here are three suggestions on how you can do this in Krka National Park. And of course, don't forget your palate. At Krka NP buffet at Lozovac and the buffet at Roški slap waterfall, we have prepared Picnic to go! sweet and savory menus, which include food and drinks at promotional prices. From 1 to 15 October, Krka National Park is open for visitors from 8 am to 6 pm, and from 16 to 31 October from 9 am to 5 pm.

Krka lower course: Magnificent travertine barriers to unique discoveries

Skradinski buk waterfall (two hours): To discover the magnificent Skradinski buk, the loudest and best known waterfall on the Krka River, you can set off by boat from Skradin, bus from Lozovac or on foot from Lozovac on the hiking trail 875 m long. The tour of Skradinski buk on the 1900 m circular trail passes over several wooden bridges and takes about an hour and a half, including the time to learn about the rich cultural and historical heritage in the ethno village and reading the educational panels providing information on the unique natural heritage. Do not miss the view of the Krka from the “imperial viewpoint” and pay special attention to the remnants of the Krka hydropower plant, which was one of the first ever alternating current electrical energy plants in the world.

Krka middle course: Experience the magic of water, spiritual strength and the dedicated work of human hands

Roški slap waterfall (3 hours): You can reach Roški slap by car (to the parking lot). You can get to know this locality, full of surprises, first via Map, and with instructions from the Park staff. Then follow the five-minute walk to the watermills on the Krka and tour the falls and take a rest. Then you can return along the same route, an easy walking trail, towards the Necklaces. At the viewpoint overlooking the Necklaces, you can take the wooden stairs upwards. There are 517 steps to the Oziđana pećina cave. 

Krka upper course: Discover the power of nature in lavish vegetation and steep canyons

Burnum (one hour): The only reconstructed Roman military amphitheatre in Croatia is a witness to the stormy history in the upstream sections of the Krka. You can reach the parking lot at Burnum by car, and then take the short walk to the amphitheatre. The amphitheatre can by toured independently or with a Krka National Park interpretation guide (except in the winter period).