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  05.11.2020, 14:27h

We had fun at the first online educational workshop

Socializing and educating on both sides of the screen

Education, along with the protection and promotion of Krka NP values, ​​is one of the basic determinants of the Public Institute of Krka NP. The biggest advantage of knowledge is that it is transferable, so all those who know Krka are its best spokespersons and all those who know how we can protect the environment are its pledge for the future. This is also the reason why we pay the most attention to children.

Through numerous educational workshops, we want to show children how their behavior can affect nature, what plants and animals are hidden in Krka National Park, what bats are like and much more, which makes them our little "rangers".

Although socializing with children through field workshops in their kindergartens and classrooms is our favorite part of the job, we adapted to the new situation, and our educators held the first online workshop with pupils of 1. b grade of Kistanje Elementary School.

Today's times bring new challenges and require new ways of transferring knowledge. It takes a little technical support, a lot of good will and mutual fun is guaranteed.

If you are ready for an online educational workshop, feel free to contact us!