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  10.03.2017, 12:20h

Invitations for applications for volunteer programme


The Public Institute of Krka National Park is offering two volunteering programmes this year:

Boat Host and Opinion Researcher. Details on each programme, and applications, are available on the Parks of Croatia website at

The volunteering programme was launched in 2016, and Krka National Park was eager to join in. Two young Croatian students carried out a one-month volunteering session at Krka National Park, performing the duties of boat host on the excursion route Skradinski Buk – Visovac - Roški Slap, thus obtaining valuable work experience in a protected area, and becoming enriched through communications with numerous park visitors.

“We are pleased by the fact that youth are very interested in nature, that awareness of the need for conservation is highly developed among youth, and so we believe that numerous volunteers – whether currently being educated to become future experts in nature protection, or simply nature lovers – will join the programme this year, and their feedback will be valuable in improving communications, offering better quality content and ensuring even better nature conservation in Krka National Park,” stressed Krešimir Šakić, director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park.

Through the project on integration into the EU Natura 2000 (NIP), the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy has designed and initiated volunteering programmes in 11 nature parks and 8 national parks under the programme title “Development of volunteer programmes in Croatian national parks and nature parks.” A total of 31 volunteer programmes were designed, and activities volunteers can take part in include collecting data on biodiversity, surveying and informing visitors, assistance in maintaining trails, etc.

The volunteer programmes enable individuals and groups to be fully involved in the activities that institutes perform in protected areas. All programmes are aligned with the park management plans, and designed to facilitate nature conservation. The list of all programmes and their full names and job descriptions are available at the Parks of Croatia website: