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  28.10.2019, 07:41h

Plant a tree, don't be a stump!

The Kistanje Elementary School joined in the project “Plant a tree, don’t be a stump!” with the aid of the Krka National Park, who donated them eighteen seedlings of autochthonous types of olive trees.

The students, together with their teachers and staff of the Krka National Park, spent the first day of the project enriching the vicinity of the school, thus leaving for the students who will come after them a legacy of something truly valuable – a slightly more beautiful and greener world.

The "Plant a Tree, Don't Be a Stump" campaign was organized in late August via Facebook in the wake of the Amazon and Siberia fires, with the goal of motivating as many individuals, associations, and organizations as possible to plant at least one (indigenous) tree on the weekend of October 25-27 to contribute to the greening of their environment and to highlight the importance and many benefits of trees and greenery, especially in urban areas.

Trees improve the quality of life in numerous ways. Apart from the most immediate, which is to provide shade and, consequently, to reduce air temperature, they also serve as air purifiers and oxygen producers, taking carbon dioxide from the air, hence contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect, reducing noise, wind speed, and the evaporation of water from grass surfaces, and their aesthetic function should also not be ignored.

What is most important in the whole story is that care must be taken to plant only native plants, so that no more harm than good is done, because planting invasive trees can have far-reaching and dangerous consequences for the entire ecosystem.

As a result of all this, the Krka National Park gladly responded to the invitation of the Head of the Kistanje Elementary School, Sanja Marasović Stručić, BA, to donate seedlings to the school for this project.