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  02.12.2019, 09:59h

The “Let's fill up school libraries” project was again held this year


During the month of November, 49 school libraries in Šibenik-Knin County became richer with yet another edition published by the Krka National Park in the course of the project "Let's fill up school libraries".

The above project was launched in 2007 with the aim of donating books from the extensive publications of the Krka National Park to elementary and secondary schools in the county, thus fostering love and affection for the Park and nature in general.

Since then, the Park has donated the books: Školjkaši ušća KrkeSkradin Ive Šprljana, Zbornik radova Znanstveno-stručni skup Vizija i izazovi upravljanja zaštićenim područjima prirode u Republici Hrvatskoj: aktivna zaštita i održivo upravljanje u Nacionalnom parku „Krka“Prirodoslovni vodičŠišmiši NP Krka, Vretenca NP Krka, Ribe NP Krka, and Ptice NP and the VHS cassette “The Krka National Park” and the DVD “The Krka National Park” with nine films about the localities of the Krka National Park.

Last year, the book Arheološka zbirka Burnum  (The Burnum Archaeological Collection) was presented to the school libraries as valuable supplementary material while processing material from history related to the period of antiquity and the Roman Empire, and this year it was decided to donate the book Legenda o Krki (The Legend of the Krka) to the school libraries. This was a book published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Krka National Park, where the Krka River in all its beauty is celebrated in word and image.