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  23.07.2018, 08:51h

The Sounds of the Krka: Radojka Šverko

The Sounds of the Krka continue to fill the Krka National Park: on the 26th of July at 8:30 pm at the Roški Slap waterfall Radojka Šverko will perform, the first Diva of Croatian music.

The banks of the Roški Slap waterfall on Thursday will be illuminated by the lantern of sung melodies by an artist with an impressive musical career. Radojka Šverko, with her luxurious volume and distinctive voice, for decades has given remarkable performances at numerous festivals in the country and abroad.

The concert at Roški Slap will be a retrospective of selected hits from a rich musical opus. Let us sail off together with Radojka Šverko, for whom performing for a local audience remains a source of extraordinary joy, despite all the numerous awards won all over the world.

Join us on the 26th of July at 8:30 pm on the natural stage of the Roški Slap cascades, with the musical accompaniment of the Krka River. The concert is free for all visitors, as well as organized bus tours.

Bus schedule:

6:30 pm from Šibenik (one bus): Poljana (bus stop) – Market – Baldekin – Vidici (below the Tommy store at the soccer field) – Konjevrate – Drinovci (by the church of the Sacred Name of Jesus) – Roški Slap;

6:30 pm from Šibenik (one bus): Poljana – Lozovac – Skradin – Dubravice – Laškovica – Roški Slap;    

6:30 pm from Knin (one bus): Knin (bus station) – Drniš (bus station) – Roški Slap.

The buses will return from Roški Slap after the concert ends.