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  01.08.2018, 07:44h

The Sounds of the Krka: Đani Maršan

On Tuesday, the 7th of August at 8.30 pm, the window towards the sunset on the banks of the Roški slap waterfall was opened by the rich notes of Đani Maršan, the Zadar chansonnier, troubadour, excellent interpreter, and also diplomat.

Đani Maršan was performing acoustic versions of songs from his abundant repertory, for which he has received awards at Croatian and international festivals and competitions. Along with his own compositions, Đani  also performed popular evergreen melodies, which have distinguished his career throughout the years.

Both a singer and composer, Đani Maršan sings about Dalmatia in a distinctive manner, very close to the Italian canzone from the Sanremo festival in the 1980s. His excellent interpretation and expression place him among the best performers of popular music.