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  10.07.2019, 08:01h

The Sounds of the River

The Krka Cultural Summer began with the series Sounds of the River, and the first concert was held in Drniš on 12 July.

“I learned to swim at Roški slap, baked corn in August was a real treat, and I remember jumping over the fire on St. John's Day…” (from a letter by Jasna Skelin Duboković to journalist Jordanka Grubač, published in the daily paper Slobodna Dalmacija in 1997). These were the summers of childhood of that visionary and noblewoman from Drniš, back in the 1920s. Almost a century later, we didn't jump over fire, but we danced along to Vatra (meaning fire), the pop/rock band from Virovitica.

Vatra has been on the musical scene for 20 years with their uncompromised rock sound. They have won a number of awards in recent years, including those for Band of the Year, and they are again rocking the charts with their hit “Ukleti Holandez” (The Flying Dutchman).

They released their first CD entitled Između nas (Between Us) in 1999. Since then, they have issued seven albums and had numerous hits, from “Bilo je dobro dok je trajalo” (It was good while it lasted), at the very beginning of their career, to their greatest hits “Tango” and “Nama se nikud ne žuri” (We're in no hurry). According to the official ZAMP data, the latter song was the most played song in 2018, also taking the Porin award in the category for best vocal collaboration.