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  04.10.2019, 14:38h

World Animal Day

The Krka National Park celebrates this year's World Animal Day with a series of educational workshops for children across the county.

Through playing in a fun and creative way, we can develop empathy for the endangered animals and an awareness of the need to protect them.

The educational workshops I Like Wearing Green and the Wonderful World of Dragonflies, workshops dedicated to frogs and dragonflies as endangered species in aquatic habitats, were held at the “Smilje”, “Mali Mihovil”, and “Šibenski Tići” kindergartens. Today, as part of the Faust Vrančić Creative Days, a 3R recycling workshop will be held in Prvić Luka for the children of the island, residents of the Šubićevac Educational Center, children of the Brodarica Elementary School, and the children of Zlarin Island.

In order to motivate its rich Facebook community for extra care of animals, the Krka National Park organized a special prize competition. Three thematic rounds of competitions were organized: from September 24 to 29 on the topic of birds, from September 30 to October 6 on the topic of insects, and from October 7 to 13 on the topic of mammals. All members of the social network can participate, who will post an original photo on the given topic in the comments of the announcement of the competition on the official Krka National Park Facebook page. For more information on the competition opportunities and conditions, please visit

World Animal Day is an international day dedicated to the rights of animals and their well-being, with a special emphasis on the relationship of humans to animals and the importance of all animals for life on Earth. It was proclaimed in 1931 at the Florence Ecological Convention to highlight the disadvantaged position of endangered species. According to data from international organizations, between 50 and 150 species die out every day, and the main cause of endangerment to animal species is mankind. October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, was chosen to mark World Animal Day.