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  11.08.2017, 12:37h

Volunteers finished their visit to the Krka National Park


Volunteers from Zagreb, Osijek, Našica, and Ivanić-Grad have completed their month-long volunteering project at the Krka National Park, which they chose for the perfect combination of nature, waterfalls, and cultural heritage.

In the Krka National Park, the volunteers performed the duty of hosts on the excursion boats running from Skradinski Buk - Visovac - Roški Slap, as well as opinion pollers at the most visited sites of Skradinski buk and the Roški Slap Cascades. Based on their feedback, the Krka National Park will improve communications, offer higher quality content, and ensure even better protection of nature in the Krka National Park.

Along with their daily tasks, they found the time to get to know and visit many sites of the Park. Through volunteering, they gained new experiences and strengthened their communication skills, and also improved their professional knowledge, and became acquainted with visitors, the local population, and the park institution, further gaining new friends and expanding their social networks, all complemented by enjoyment of the extraordinary natural beauty of the Krka River.

Their enviable knowledge of nature and the features of the Krka National Park delighted the visitors to the Park, and with the communication skills and adaptability they won over the employees of Krka National Park. We believe that the knowledge and experience gained over time in such a protected area will aid them in their future plans for business and life.

Through the project on integration into the EU Natura 2000 (NIP), the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy has designed and initiated volunteering programmes in 11 nature parks and 8 national parks under the programme title “Development of volunteer programmes in Croatian national parks and nature parks.” A total of 28 volunteer programmes in 2017 were designed, and activities volunteers can take part in include collecting data on biodiversity, surveying and informing visitors, assistance in maintaining trails, etc.

The volunteer programmes enable individuals and groups to be fully involved in the activities that institutes perform in protected areas. All programmes are aligned with the park management plans, and designed to facilitate nature conservation.