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  16.10.2020, 08:27h

A wild cat, strictly protected European species, was rescued in Krka National Park


The wild cat was helped by the Park ranger and returned unharmed to the wild

The wild cat (Felis silvestris), the great-grandmother of a domestic cat that originated from its wild ancestor about ten thousand years ago, was freed from the hunting wire, in which it was entangled, by Krka National Park ranger Stipan Ivić and friar Stojan Damjanović from Visovac Island. A quick and expert response ensured that this strictly protected European species returned unharmed to its natural habitat.

It is a strong animal with a round head, short snout and ears, whose body is covered with thick gray-brown hair with sparse, transverse dark stripes. It lives in forests with glades and is a nocturnal animal, which means that it hunts its prey – birds, rodents and smaller animals – before evening or before dawn. Although the wild cat is a well-known resident of Krka National Park, it is a real rarity to meet it in its natural environment. As this strictly protected European species is extremely important for the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainability of the ecosystem, it is subject to a hunting ban throughout the year.

 "The mammal fauna of Krka National Park has 45 species, and our basic goal is to protect species, preserve habitats and minimize human impact, so it would not lead to habitats change, poaching or damage to roads, which are the main reasons for their endangerment," said Nella Slavica, the director of the Public Institute of Krka NP and added: "Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor compliance with the Ordinance on the protection and preservation of Krka NP, which is carried out by our rangers. They know this area very well and notice the slightest deviations, which results in such rescues, and are invaluable for the protection of animal species."

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