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  09.08.2017, 07:04h

The XIth Ides of Burnum

The XIth Ides of Burnum was organized on Sunday, the 13th of August 2017 at 8 pm in the amphitheater of Burnum in Ivoševci by the Krka National Park.

The fair part of the program, which took place in front of the amphitheater, included educational workshops, the presentation of legionary groups and their equipment, Roman crafts, making fragrances and secret recipes for love worries, various ancient skills (writing on wax tablets, the manufacture of wooden toys, mosaics and bullae, Roman schools), grooming (dressing and cosmetics), resting on a triclinum, divination from bones, and various other fun activities. The youngest visitors could enjoy the presentation of children’s printed publications on the Krka National Park and the Romans, Burnum 4 Kids, and the Secret of the Burnum Cubes.

The central event – a fight for power two thousand years old – was held in the amphitheater at 9 pm. During this manifestation, the narrator Mario Petreković led us through the dance performance of “Orpheus and Eurydice”, along with a fiery performance accompanied by the cellist Ana Ruchner.

Admission was free for all visitors.