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  01.08.2018, 09:18h

The XIIth Ides of Burnum

The Romans once organized the Ides during the time of the full moon, days when they enjoyed festivities and celebrations, and this tradition is being continued for the eighth year in a row by the Krka National Park.

In the only preserved Roman military amphitheater in Croatia, Burnum in Ivoševci.

The XIIth Burnum Ides will be held on August 13 at 8 pm, and the famous amphitheater will host the chief Roman deity Jupiter, the god of heaven and thunder, who once had a temple dedicated to him in this camp. He will be joined by his partner Juno, the goddess of marriage, and also Minerva, the goddess of war and wisdom, so as to renew the cult of the Capitol triad together. Which of the gods protects thieves, and which protects nerds, who loves Apollo, and who most loves parties? These are all things you will discover with the musical accompaniment of the TBF band. The theme of this year's Ides is Roman mythology!

In addition to the stage program in the amphitheater, a traditional part of the Burnum Ides is also the fair. Visitors can participate in numerous educational workshops, the presentations of legionary and gladiator groups and their equipment, classical crafts, the making of fragrances and secret divine recipes for love worries, various ancient skills, from writing on wax, manufacturing wooden toys, mosaics, and bullae, as well as attending a Roman school, learning how to dress and apply cosmetics, resting on a triclinium (dining couches), divination from bones, and many other fun activities.

The aim of this event is to acquaint visitors and local inhabitants with the outstanding importance of Burnum archaeological site. Each year, under the brilliant August sky, the history of this region in the Roman period is reconstructed through the depiction of the life and customs of the civil population, but also the essential elements of legionary skills, supplemented by various artistic forms whose roots and themes are derived from that period. 


Admission is free for all visitors, and free shuttle bus transportation has been organized: from Šibenik, Skradin, Drniš, and Knin as follows:

18.30   Šibenik (Poljana) – Market – Baldekin – the station below the Tommy market at Vidici (near the football field) – Konjevrate – Miljevci (by the church the Holy Name of Jesus) – Oklaj – Burnum     4 buses

18.30   Šibenik (Poljana) – Lozovac – Skradin – Dubravice – Burnum     2 buses

18.30   Knin (bus station) – Drniš (bus station) – Oklaj – Burnum     2 buses

The buses will return from Burnum after the event is over.

We look forward to your visit!