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  09.11.2017, 13:12h

Public Institute of Krka National Park wins two prestigious awards the Gold Interstas 2017 and the Charter of Fest 2017

At the 24th Interstas, the International Meeting of Tourism, Landscapes and Film, to be held from 8 to 10 November in Solin,

the Public Institute of Krka National Park will be awarded the Gold Interstas 2017 and its director mr. sc. Krešimir Šakić will receive the individual Charter of Fest 2017 award for its exceptional contribution to the harmony of man, plant and animal life, and also the development of tourism.

The prestigious international awards Gold Interstas and the Charter of Fest have been awarded in Split to individuals, companies, tourism boards, public institutes and towns for many years by the European and World Federations of Tourism Journalists and Interstas. This year, the awarded will be handed out within the frame of three international events: 24th INTERSTAS/International meeting of Tourism, Film and Landscapes, the 20th ITF'CRO/International Festival of Tourism Film, and the 15th KEACRO/Competition of Croatian towns and settlements for the Golden Flower of Europe award. The event will take place under the auspices of international institutions ITCO, FIJET, FEST and CIB, and President of the Republic of Croatia, Madame Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

The Public Institute of Krka National Park was nominated for the Gold Interstas 2017 due to its systematic, professional and creative work, and constant care for preserving the natural balance, and the harmony between humans and the plant and animal world, and also for the development programmes that improve and enrich what is offered for visitors to the park.

F.E.S.T. and FIJET/the European and World Federations of Tourism Journalists, who nominated the Public Institute of Krka National Park, have recognised the expertise of the entire team focused on conserving the natural, cultural and historical heritage as its primary task, while also developing projects to enrich the quality of the overall offer. This has resulted in a continued increase in the number of visitors, and improvements to the overall area of impacts on the park.

The assessment is that not only does the park stimulate the sustainable development of tourism based on a balance of ecology and economics in harmony with humans and nature, but it also significantly contributes to the recognisability of Croatian tourism products in the world. This certainly contributes to the overall international tourism exchange, and with that, a better understanding between peoples and countries,” states the nomination letter by Vojko Pleština, director of the event.

Gold Interstas, the Charter of Fest and Festival awards and the Grand Prix will be awarded at the finale of the event in Solin, 10 November 2017.