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  28.02.2018, 14:26h

Knowledge to Preservation

The Krka National Park has organized lectures and workshops since 2012 in the framework of the project Knowledge to Preservation.

In March of this year, all those interested can participate in the workshop The Fundamentals of Pottery Making, where they will be introduced to forming clay and using a potter's wheel. Potters from Varaždin, Leopoldin Herceg and Martina Brlenić, will teach about the basics of pottery production over three weekends: rolling, cutting, joining, gluing, stamping, and so forth. On Fridays in Skradin, and on Saturdays in Drniš in the facilities of the Krka National Park from 5 pm to 8 pm, the participants will be able to decide whether to merely become acquainted with this technique or to learn more over three weeks.

The project Knowledge to Preservation is conceived as a series of educational activities – eco-workshops and lectures – with the aim of getting all who are interested, and particularly the adult local population introduced to the ways they can, for example through creative workshops, reduce global consumerism and breathe new life into discarded things. All workshops are free.

Those interested should respond to: