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  29.08.2019, 10:32h

In the depths without excavating – the Summer Archaeology School of the Burnum Project

In addition to nature protection and sustainable management, education is the basis for the activities of the Krka National Park.

Burnum, as an exceptional and valuable archeological site, and the Burnum Project, in the form of scientific and research cooperation at an international level, have also resulted in a summer archeological school organized by the Krka National Park, in cooperation with the University of Bologna and the Department of Archeology of the University of Zadar, since 2007 with the aim of conducting archaeological and conservation research in the area of the Roman military camp of Burnum.

This summer, the Archeological School is being held from the 18th to the 30th of August in the very center of the military camp, with the aim of reviewing, the excavations conducted in 1912 by the Austrian Archeological Institute using modern methods. Led by Enrico Giorgi, PhD, Director of the Research Laboratory of the Department of Cultural History and Civilization of the University of Bologna, the director of the Burnum project, and Alessandro Campedelli, Scientific Researcher at the Department of Cultural History and Civilization, University of Bologna, a project director at the Burnum Project, 12 students will address questions regarding new methods for the documentation of excavations. This includes topographic surveying using GPS and Total station, photogrammetry, checking stratigraphic anomalies, and aerial imaging by drones equipped with infrared and multispectral cameras. With such a methodology, analysis can be carried out of the underground structure, enabling the identification of possible archaeological structures that have not been documented.

The main intention of the archeological school project is to introduce college and doctoral students from Croatia and Italy to new techniques and methods of investigation and conservation, while the aim of joint exploration of the site is to locate and excavate structures within the complex of the military camp using non-invasive investigative methods that provide reliable data about archaeological material while minimizing the need for excavation. The importance of the project lies in experimenting and comparing different research methods, so that the diagnostic potentials of each method are examined in the light of new technology development. This is why the International Summer Archeological School is called “In the Depths without Excavating”. Emphasis is also placed on the quality of education of the research students with a view to their professional development and preparation for employment in the archeological profession. It also represents an opportunity to disseminate basic knowledge of technology and research procedures in order to develop a common methodological language between the two Adriatic coasts.

The scientific research collaboration on the Burnum Project with the Department of Archeology of the University of Bologna began with a contract signed in 2005. In 2008, the Burnum Project was placed in the higher education program of students in the Specialized Study of Archeology, of the University of Bologna. Since 2010, the project has also been funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An contract was also signed for the study, documentation, and evaluation of the Roman amphitheater in Burnum between the Krka National Park and the Department of the History of Culture and Civilization (Department of Archeology) of the University of Bologna, which has resulted in the vertical reconstruction of the amphitheater in Burnum, based on original architectural features as far as is possible.