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  08.08.2019, 07:32h

A celebration of love with Damir Urban and Arijana Čulina at the XIII Burnum Ides

When August knocks on the door, it's time for the traditional Roman holiday of the full moon. And where else to celebrate than in the only preserved Roman military amphitheater in Croatia, Burnum?

For the ninth year in a row, the Krka National Park is organizing the Burnum Ides, a fair with music and stage events that revives the customs of the ancient Romans, two thousand years ago, while they lived and served in this specific areas.

The theme of this year's Ides, to be held on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, is love. Although the Romans, thanks to their strong army, were the self-confident rulers of the western world, love is, nonetheless, a strong driving force. Famed as lovers of festivities and wine, they would pass strict control at the entrance to their home, and their spouses would kiss them on the doorstep to see how much wine their partner had drunk that day. And two thousand years later, love remains an always popular topic.

Arijana Čulina and Mirella Meić know that, and at this year’s Ides celebration, they will perform the cabaret “Cheat, but don't leave” at 9 pm in order to present to us in their  recognizable and humorous way their view of complicated male-female relations.

Then at 10 pm the musician and artist Urban will appear onstage with his Four, consisting of great musicians: the guitarist Luka Toman, bassist Sandi Bratonja, drummer Marco Bradaschia and keyboardist Saša Markovski. Urban's vocal range, charismatic appearance, and contagious energy attract listeners of various profiles, so that the concert of Urban and Four in Burnum will definitely represent be a musical delight.

The musical and stage program will be preceded by the traditional fair at 8 pm. Visitors will again be able to experience the life of the ancient Romans this year, primarily through the presentation of various crafts from that time. They will be able to participate in numerous educational workshops, as well as learn the outcome of their love life from a fortune teller, where they may also receive a potion for their love woes. Jugglers and fire-swallowers will take care of the festive night atmosphere. Gourmets will also be able to taste some of the dishes from the menu of a Roman soldier in Burnum. A novelty this year is a gastronomic three-way battle between the museums from Šibenik-Knin County, Radio Drniš, and the Krka National Park, which will prepare Roman dishes according to the recipes of Ivana Ožanić Roguljić, PhD.

The program at the amphitheater begins at 9pm. Admission is free of charge and there is also a shuttle bus service from Šibenik, Skradin, and Knin.

Four buses depart from Šibenik at 6:30 pm from the Tržnica (Market) bus stop and operate between Tržnica – Baldekin – Vidici (in front of the Tommy shop, at the children's playground) – Konjevrate – Drinovci (at the Church of the Name of Jesus) – Oklaj – Burnum.

Two buses will depart from the Market also at 6:30 pm in the direction of Lozovac – Skradin – Dubravice – Burnum and two more will depart at 18:30 from Knin from the bus station on the route Drniš (bus station) – Oklaj – Burnum.

The bus from Burnum will return after the event is over.

Let's celebrate love together at the XIIIth Burnum Ides!