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  02.05.2019, 13:34h

An Educational Museum Action

An Educational Museum Action or EMA is held every year in the period from April 18 to May 18 on the occasion of celebrating International Museum Day on May the 18th.

It is organized by the Croatian Museum Society and the Section of Museum Pedagogues, and it is carried out in cooperation with numerous museums and galleries throughout Croatia. As part of this year's 24th educational museum action, the Municipal Museum of Šibenik has organized a program called "A Culinary Time Machine" in cooperation with the Museum of Knin, the Municipal Museum of Drniš, the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, the Tourism and Hospitality School of Šibenik, and the Public Institute of Krka National Park. This year's program will show that while food is an excellent source of energy and pleasure, it is also a reason for gathering, learning, and socializing through educational, creative, and culinary workshops. Participants will prepare food according to recipes from various historical periods, from prehistory, antiquity, and the Middle Ages up until the 18th century.

The Public Institute of Krka National Park was very pleased to join this project in order to educate and promote the tradition of life and nutrition on our territory. From the Oziđana pećina cave, through the archaeological site of Burnum, the medieval fortresses, the industrial facilities, and all the way to the present, people have lived and worked alongside the Krka River. The presentation of the culinary skills of our ancestors was conceived specifically on the basis of these historical traces. The program will start on Monday, May 6 in the Municipal Museum of Drniš, where the Krka National Park will present, with the help of the pupils of the Antun Mihanović Petropolis Elementary School from Drniš, the preparation of Roman food according to recipes by Ivana Ožanić Roguljić.

The result of this collaboration is the promotion of Roman recipes, which will be united in a special cookbook in the publishing series of the Krka National Park. It will supplement the previous publication “The Roman Soldier's Kitchen”, where the complexity of the organization of the Roman military camp of Burnum was presented in terms of delivering and processing food in the Roman period. This project also continues the promotion of the Roman military camp of Burnum, a pearl of Roman culture, where the closing ceremony of the educational museum action will be organized on the 18th of May.


The program “A Culinary Time Machine”:

6 May 2019 – Drniš

8 May 2019 – Danilo

10 May 2019 – Knin

16 May 2019 – Betina

18 May 2019 – Burnum