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  14.09.2018, 13:45h

Green Cleanup Day

Each year the Krka National Park is a part of the international eco-project – Green Cleanup Day

The Krka National Park this year is again joining the global volunteer effort Green Cleanup. The cleaning will take place on Friday, September 15, 2018, on the hill of St. Kata in the Graovo area in the immediate vicinity of the border of the National Park, on the right bank of the Krka River. Staff of the Krka National Park in cooperation with volunteers from the Slovenian Cultural Association Dr. France Prešeren (the Nature Lovers Planika - Runolist section) of Šibenik and the local population will clean up illegal dumping points in the pine forest.

 “Green Cleanup” is a world-wide one-day cleaning action to remove illegal waste dumps and is also the largest volunteer eco-project in Croatia, which brings together active citizens and organizations, and is part of the major global cleanup campaign, World Cleanup, launched in 2008. It is based on raising awareness of the importance of responsible waste management with the goal of protecting the environment, nature and planet Earth.

One day. One planet. One goal. Millions of people in 150 countries will unite in the largest civilian action in the history of mankind to clean up our planet. On September 15, volunteers and organizations around the world will collect waste from beaches, rivers, forests, and streets. The powerful 'green wave' of cleaning will begin in New Zealand and will end 36 hours later in Hawaii, and millions of people will work together to achieve one goal: a cleaner and healthier planet.