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  11.06.2019, 10:30h

Informative brochure - plan your visit to Park


The Krka National Park website now offers a new informative brochure intended for visitors, the media, researchers… all those who wish to plan their visit before coming to Krka National Park, and to better familiarise themselves with the area.

The brochure contains a wide range of practical and service information that will help you get around the park more easily.

The brochure contains a wide range of practical and service information needed to more easily find your way around the park, and is a new tool in planning your visit to the park.

The brochure provides the first overview of ten different ways of touring the park – for the lower, middle and upper course – that can be combined depending on your preferences and the time you have available. It will also assist in avoiding crowds and enable you to enjoy different parts of the park. In the meantime, get to know the towns and municipalities surrounding the park, and try out a few of the traditional products of the region in the family farms along the Krka.

Given the size of the park and that many of its localities are spread out, the best way to get to know this protected area before you visit is to use the maps. Due to the specificities of Krka National Park, the brochure contains numerous specialised maps. Thanks to the creative graphical solutions, and minimum textual information, they give an easy to use overview of the content in the park, their locations and how to get to them.

The park area is divided into the lower, middle and upper course of the Krka River, and the tours are divided into those units. This helps visitors to plan their visit so that they can include as many localities as possible, depending on the time they have available. The brochure contains maps outlining the walking trails, and information on how to reach each of the 22 trails, and includes remarks about them. Those who prefer to tour the park on two wheels can find out which cycling routes are available in the park, and the sites they pass en route. We believe that this brochure will also be useful to those with limited mobility, as detailed touring information is provided for them as well for the first time.

The brochure is richly illustrated, and includes numerous photographs of the park. It also provides an overview of the valuable natural, historical and cultural heritage of the park, and much information on interesting sights in the park and the surrounding area. It also provides answer to some of the questions frequently asked by visitors.

Albert Einstein once said: Look deep into nature and then you understand everything better. We hope that this informative brochure will help you to become better acquainted with the park and to discover the beauty hiding within the karst.

The informative brochure is available in Croatian and English and you can view it or download it on the link.