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  10.07.2018, 09:55h

The exhibition pavilion at Skradinski Buk

Itself an artwork made by nature, Skradinski Buk is an ideal place for the presentation of art.

That is why an exhibition pavilion was set up at this site, on the plateau beside the Imperial Lookout, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the National Park, as seen by the refined eye of a photographer.

A second exhibition has just been set up, of three planned for this year. The photographs are displayed on twelve racks and have been placed in weather-resistant conditions. So far, visitors could see photos of Visovac Island, while at present a thematic exhibition about Roški Slap can be viewed. The third exhibit will feature photographs of Burnum, a former Roman military camp, so that visitors can be informed in this manner about this important archaeological site in the northern part of the Krka National Park.

The exhibition pavilion project will continue next year and, in addition to the beauty of the National Park, it will also address ecological problems, so that through art we can influence people's consciousness when it comes to our most important mutual task – to preserve the environment in which we live.