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  21.07.2020, 12:23h

Krka NP part of the 60th International Children Festival

Learning about the Park's values through playing and education

The International Children Festival is a unique cultural manifestation and the symbol of Šibenik. The city opened its doors for the 60th time to our youngest population, children. Even though it's recognised by its international character this year it was very specific but still brought a rich content for children of all ages. The Festival's true value are the workshops, one of which was organised by the Public Institute of Krka National Park presenting the game Discover Krka. The idea and the aim of the workshop was to present the beauties and the values of Krka NP in an educational, creative and fun way, spread knowledge about the Krka River and learn about the historical values of the Park.

After learning more about its geographical position, important plant and animal species, archaeological and sacral monuments along the River, children proceeded in creating an art project of the game Discover Krka. The social game Discover Krka offers facts and secrets about the Park and combines playing techniques of games Man don't get mad and Monopoly

We have painted a big canvas with motifs from the Park, made game figures, learned about the dangers of plastic and how to recycle it. We have learned the story about the Burnum legionaries who loved social games and gambling. At the Burnum archaeological site playing diced were recovered among numerous coins, pots and parts of weapon. To have a long lasting memory children made their own diced as a perfect replica to the original.

The workshop was succesfull with a lot of joyful faces and we can not wait for the next Festival.