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  01.04.2021, 08:37h

Krka NP promotional campaign: School may be on line, but the Krka is on live for children in April

Children, there is no need to view nature online. Visit Krka National Park in April and enjoy a little fresh air, as entrance is free.

“School may be on line, but the Krka is on live for children in April” is the new campaign of Krka National Park, in which children up to 18 years can visit the park free of charge for the whole month of April, when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

With this campaign, the Public Institute of Krka National Park aims to help our young visitors and their families to spend some quality time outdoors.

“The global Covid-19 pandemic has strongly impacted children who have already been through so much, and again this year are forced to attend remote learning classes, on screens, separated from their natural environment – the school. Since this is difficult for both children and their parents, we have decided to provide them support and offer them a step away from their everyday lives, as a place of rest, recreation and education, where families can truly spend some quality time together,” stated Nella Slavica, director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park.

This campaign is valid for all types of entrance tickets in the period from 1 to 30 April 2021. The Public Institute of Krka National Park is aware of just how important offers and services for parents with children are. That is why, the park has implemented activities into its content geared specifically for these groups. In addition to entertainment and quality time spent together as a family outdoors, children also have so much to learn in Krka National Park.

The walking trails and viewpoints of Krka National Park enable direct insight into the wealth of flora and fauna in aquatic and terrestrial habitats. If you are interested to learn more about what you are looking at, the trails and viewpoints are equipped with educational panels, providing detailed information about the plant and animal life in the park, and also about the cultural and historical sights in the area. In the newly restored watermills of Krka National Park, demonstrations are given of milling wheat, washing and beating fabric, weaving cloth and carpets, smithing horseshoes, ploughing, planting, preparation of food in the authentic kitchens, and much more.

If children start to miss technology, there are also two free mobile applications available: Krka National Park Tour, which uses augmented reality technology to facilitate the arrival, orientation and movement of visitors through the Skradinski Buk areas, and gives more information about the content in the park and points of interest for visitors, and Krka Kids, intended for children of preschool age, children of lower primary grades, and youth, who are guided through the knowledge trail at Skradinski Buk through a game played in augmented reality.

Krka National Park comprises 109 square kilometres of pristine nature so we urge visitors to use all  visitor contents in the lower, middle and upper sections of the Krka River. Along numerous viewpoints and ethno presentations you can enjoy the Park by 47 kilometres of educational hiking trails nad 470 cyclng routes. Use the benefits of Nature and find a quiet location for yourself.

In addition to abiding by the rules of conduct in protected areas, the proper use of protective face masks and maintaining social distance is mandatory in all indoor areas in the national park, as well as transportation means, boats and buses, pursuant to the valid recommendations, and visitor numbers are limited. Furthermore, starting from today, the use of protective face masks is mandatory in open spaces with inceased visitor flow.

Since the Park previously set up protocols to combat the pandemic, Krka National Park has been recognised as a safe destination early on and was quick to join in the project Stay safe in Croatia. Visitor safety is important to us so please be aware of epidemiological measures and stay safe while enjoying the natural values in the Park.