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  20.03.2017, 09:12h

Celebration of World Water Day

This year, the Public Institute of Krka National Park will again celebrate World Water Day, with a series of events.

On World Water Day, Wednesday 22 March 2017, the exhibit Mystical River was opened at the Drniš branch office of the Public Institute of Krka National Park at 6 pm. Visitors will be able to view the exhibit, consisting of 21 photographs, until the end of April. The exhibit is the result of many years of collaboration between the park administration and the Šibenik Photo Club, in celebration of this important date for nature conservation, to the joy of all those who love nature and photographs.

The celebration of World Water Day will continued on Thursday, 23 March 2017, at the Šibenik Catholic Primary School, with the following programme:

  •           Lecture on water at 8 am
  •           Game “Drop for the falls” at 9 am
  •           Theatrical play “Little Red Riding Hood” by the Virko Theatre from Šibenik

World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22 March, to stress the importance of freshwater, and to support the sustainable management of our freshwater resources. Water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. Drinking water resources are threatened around the globe, not only due to excessive use and inadequate management, but also due to increasing pollution.