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  04.09.2019, 08:00h

One hundred and twenty thousand reasons to celebrate

Seven years ago, the Krka National Park strategically defined its digital presence and has continually been building it through a series of online channels ever since.

Of all online activities and achievements, we are most proud of the large community of friends and followers with whom we interact on five social networks every day.

When it comes to market communication and promotional activities, one that Krka National Park is particularly proud of is the power and extent of our digital life. In fact, while online platforms were still in their infancy and social networks were just beginning to gain the attention of users around the world, Krka National Park recognized the importance that the fast-growing online channels would have in connecting with users/visitors and in the distribution of information, and how much this would affect the successful business of the Park.

The institution was thus among the first to start building its digital presence in 2012, based on the Online Access Strategy 2013-2017 project, which defined all key messages, platforms, tools, and channels that would be used to achieve the goals and to conquer new markets.

In addition to the website, which represents the digital home of the Park, the ubiquitous social networks have played a major and important role in promoting Krka National Park. They have enabled us to showcase the beauties of the Park on a daily basis and cite reasons for a visit, to follow the interests and needs of the visitors and on the basis of this to improve the services we offer and introduce new ones, to promote the numerous activities that the Park undertakes to interest the visitors and enrich their experience of the Park, to make connections with the local community, for which the Park creates special programs, and in a simple way provide information about events that are of particular importance to the Krka National Park for a truly global audience.

Krka National Park recently welcomed its 100,000th fan on Facebook, a number that fills us with joy and pride in equal measure. On the occasion of this round, celebratory figure, we set up a prize game on the same network, and we had the opportunity to meet the winner and her smiling family in person and to thank her for being part of our large digital family.

Overall, the Park brings together nearly one hundred and twenty thousand friends and followers on five online social profiles, while the information distributed through them was seen by over twenty million people and we are most delighted that to date visitors have shared over one hundred thousand various photos, videos, and textual content they created during their visit (with some of the hashtags of the Krka National Park). The engagement and interaction of friends and followers of the Park on social networks, which the Park encourages, directs, and nurtures all 365 days a year, represent the ultimate confirmation of the high quality and meaningful communication that the Institution has achieved online.

Thanks to its commitment to digital communication, as well as thoughtful and structured communication with the local and international communities, as well as a strategically planned digital approach, the Krka National Park today is gathering a large online community and is a digital leader among similar organizations both in Croatia and Europe.

In order to continue to build a high-quality, customer-oriented digital life in the future, the Park created a new Online Strategy for the Period from 2018 to 2022. The new strategy focuses on the numerous recreational activities offered by the Park, the cultural events that are continually supplemented with tourist offerings, on attracting visitors with specific interests, such as cyclists and hikers, and on the useful services that the Park offers, from charging stations for electric cars to purchasing tickets online.

Unlike all other marketing and promotional activities, the digital performance of the Park is entirely focused on existing and future visitors of the Krka National Park, their interests and preoccupations. Positive comments and reviews on online channels, beautiful photos and creative videos that visitors share on social networks, as well as the criticisms and suggestions they send us – were and remain the purpose and meaning of all of the Park's online appearances, as well as the best confirmation of the high quality of communication by digital means.

Thanks again to every member of our digital community for the gift of trust. We will strive to continue to make the Park an inspiring place that nurtures respect for nature and mankind.