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  19.09.2019, 08:55h

Download the first green stickers in Croatia and help raise awareness about ozone protection


On the occasion of International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, in partnership with Rakuten Viber, one of the world's leading messaging platforms,

has created eighteen exclusive free stickers featuring the superheroes Ozonko and Ozončica.                                                                    

The aim of this campaign is to introduce the exceptionally important topic of ozone layer protection to children and young people an entertaining way. The ozone layer is extremely important because of physical-chemical processes, as it significantly reduces the amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation that penetrates to the Earth's surface and thus protects all the living beings on Earth. This year's International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is being celebrated with the slogan “32 Years of Renewal”, which aims to highlight the great success that has been achieved in protecting the ozone layer.

The Republic of Croatia, together with the other signatories to the Montreal Protocol, is actively participating in raising public awareness of the importance of the ozone layer for life on Earth and the importance of eliminating the consumption of ozone depleting substances. Experts predict that the natural balance of ozone layer formation and degradation will be fully restored by about 2050.

“I am pleased that we have created stickers dedicated to protection of nature and the environment and that we are the first state institution in Croatia to establish cooperation with Viber. This campaign is one of a series of activities related to climate change adaptation, which is a top topic not only in Croatia but also throughout the world,” said Minister of Environment and Energy, Tomislav Coric, PhD. He urged citizens to support this campaign by downloading the stickers.

For the next three months, users can download the “green” sticker package for free on iOS and Android devices or on a computer. To download the stickers, you need to select the “More” option in the Viber application, then click on the “Sticker Store” and look for the stickers of “Ozonko and Ozončica” inside. And they can also be downloaded here.
All who download stickers will automatically become members of the Community, where they will be able to participate in fun and educational interactive activities, which can be accessed here. In addition, at the Community, companions will be able to talk with Ozonko and Ozončica, as well as their guests.

Click here to download the new Ozonko and Ozončica stickers, share them with your friends and family, and join the greenest team in Croatia!