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  07.03.2019, 08:03h

Roman legions on the streets of Šibenik / at the Šibenik Carnival

Thanks to cooperation between the Krka National Park and the “Šibenska maslina” Kindergarten a breath of the Roman period arrived on the streets of Šibenik in the form of little soldiers and Roman ladies from Burnum.

The carnival procession included 60 some children. The boys were dressed as Roman legionaries with full military equipment, while the girls were dressed as Roman ladies in togas with laurel garlands in their hair. Despite the light rain, our little army with smiles on their faces marched from the Baldekin to the waterfront and had fun along the way.

All this immense quantity of military equipment had to be well prepared, and workshops were carried out where cardboard swords, shields, helmets, armor, and laurel wreaths were made. The workshops were attended by educators, parents, children, and employees of the Krka National Park.

As an overture to the preparations and participation in the carnival, a "Festival of Roman Legionaries" was held at the Vidici Kindergarten, which was a kind of performance where the children could participate as small actors. The children accepted such roles with enthusiasm, socializing with the legionaries and playing with the props. In this manner, we joined together education and entertainment, children's smiles, playing, a workshop, and it all culminated in participation in the carnival.

View the photos to see what it looked like!