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  14.04.2018, 09:58h

The First Krka Half-Marathon was held in Krka National Park

The Half-Marathon was held through Krka National Park for the first time.

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, seven hundred and fifty runners from thirteen countries raced from the Puljane Eco Campus to Burnum Amphitheatre, a course that is 21,098 m long. Also a Fun Race was held over a course of 5.5 kilometres.

The winners of the Fun Run (men and women): Jure Božinović and Ivona Zemunik.

The absolute winners of the 1st Krka Half-Marathon (men and women): Tamas Nagy, Hungary and Lucija Kimani, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

All the results and winners by categories at


The gun will go off for the start of the Half-Marathon at Puljane Eco Campus at 10 sharp, while the Fun Run will begin at 10:10. At the finishing line in Burnum Amphitheatre, at about 11:30 the winner of the Fun Run will be announced, and the absolute winner of the 1st Krka Half-Marathon will be proclaimed at 12:30, the winners in the separate categories at 1 pm. The whole programme will end at 2 pm.

Special traffic regulations

On Saturday, April 14, traffic will be completely halted from 10 am to 1 pm on the course of the race, in the following directions:

Puljane Eco Campus – feeder road to county road Ž6055 – Ž6055 from national road D59 to the centre of Oklaj (Retirees’ Home/Supermarket) – national road D 59 from the crossroads with county road Ž6066 to Burnum Amphitheatre – in places on the unclassified roads in Parići, Bračići and Nečven– local road 65025 and local road 65014 from the crossing with local road 65025 up to its junction with county road Ž6055 in Čitluk.

The only traffic allowed on these parts of the road system will consist of official and emergency vehicles. The traffic will be directed by the police and by stewards appointed by the organisers. On certain sections (above all in Parići, Bračići and Nečven) traffic will be permitted after the last runners have passed.

Start packs

Runners will be able to get their starting numbers and start packs on Friday, April 13, in Skradin, in the local office of Krka National Park Public Institution between 10 am and 8 pm, or, on the day of the race itself, Saturday, April 14, at the starting line in Puljane from 7.30 am. As well as the starting number and timing chip, refreshments for during and after the race and promotional materials (bags for trainers, T-shirts and energy gel), runners will also get an entry ticket for Krka National Park for the weekend on which the race is being run.

Transportation laid on for the runners

On race-day, bus transportation will be laid on for runners from Drniš (bus station), Šibenik (bus station) and Skradin (the bus stop next to the elementary school) directly to the starting line. The bus from Drniš leaves at 7 am, while starting times from Šibenik and Skradin are 6.45. Transportation is free of charge, but runners have to give notice by email. Runners who arrive in their own car will be able to leave it only at the finishing line area, i.e., in the parking lot right by the amphitheatre. Transportation by bus is available from finishing line to starting line, from 7.30 until 9 am, at which time the last bus will leave. Runners will not be able to provide their own transportation to the starting line. Also, it will not be possible to go back from Burnum before 13.30, because traffic will still be prohibited. All buses that are parked before the race (at 9.30 am) close to the starting line will be marked with numbers (1 – 150, for example), and the runners will be able to leave their things in them (the start pack contains a bagtag the same as the starting number).

The course

The half-marathon course has the official AIMS international certificate, which means that a result at Krka will be recognised worldwide. On the course there will be five refreshment stations, with water, an isotonic drink and fruit. The main refreshment will be at the finishing line in Burnum, in the celebratory atmosphere of the Roman military camp. The most distant point of the course is in Oklaj, at which there is the turning point from which the runners will head back to the amphitheatre in Burnum.

The course of the Fun Run goes straight to Burnum Amphitheatre. On this course there will be a single refreshment station, with water, just before the end of the ascent from the Krka Canyon.

Runners of the Half Marathon will have red starting numbers from 300 upwards, and Fun Run entrants will have green numbers from 1 upwards.

Special note for media representatives

We would like to ask media representatives, because of special traffic regulations on Saturday, April 14, to be at the main entrance to the Puljane Eco Campus by 9.45 am. Here they will be greeted and directed to the parking lot. They will be able to leave their vehicles on the right hand side of the road outside the Puljane Eco Campus fence, turned facing the direction from which they have come. After the start of the Half Marathon, at 10:05 they will be able to drive slowly towards the main road that leads from Oklaj past Brljan Cascade to Burnum Amphitheatre.

After press cars have left, competitors in the Fun Run race will leave Puljane Eco Campus along the same route.

We must note that vehicles may not be stopped before arrival in Burnum Amphitheatre, so as to make sure that the road is free for the runners. Thank you for your understanding.