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  09.04.2018, 07:35h

The runners from thirteen countries are coming to Krka National Park


Almost eight hundred runners from thirteen countries are going to take part in the first international athletic race held in the Krka National Park – the first Krka Half-Marathon, accompanied by a Fun Run race for citizens.

The race will be held on Saturday, April 14. It will start at ten in the morning, and the shorter race, over five and a half kilometres, at 10:10. The course of the Krka Half-Marathon, from Puljane Eco-Campus to Burnum Amphitheatre, is 21,098 metres long.

Because of the special feeling of running in one of the finest parts of Croatia, in the setting of a nature conservation area that also has a unique cultural and historical heritage, the race has from the beginning attracted great interest and even although the number of places for competitors was increased, the race is now full. Runners will be able to get their starting numbers and packs on Friday, April 13, in Skradin, in the local office of the Krka National Park Public Institution, between 10 in the morning and 8 in the evening, or on the very day of the race, on Saturday, April 14, at the starting line in Puljane Eco Campus from half past seven onwards. As well as a starting number and a timing chip, refreshments for during and after the race and promotional materials, the competitors will receive a ticket to visit the Krka National Park in the weekend during which the race is held and so will get the chance to acquaint themselves with other parts of the Park, to relax after their runs with a stroll over some of the learning trails and to revel in the awakening of nature and the Krka River, water-rich in springtime.

The actual course has the official AIMS international certificate, which means that a result at Krka will be valid and credited anywhere in the world. Official results will be published immediately after the race is over, at which time medals, cups and money prizes will be handed out (from a total prize fund of eighteen thousand kuna) in the celebratory atmosphere of the Roman military amphitheatre of Burnum. Timing is electronic, with the use of chips, and as soon as the race is over, the results will be published on the organisers’ official web site ( The rules of the Croatian Athletic Federation will be followed, harmonised with the rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF.

In addition to the runners, the numerous supporters will also be able to enjoy the setting of the upper course of the Krka River, not only cheering on the competitors, but also, by coming, supporting the active way of life and spending time in nature, which is what the race is all about. After the start at the Puljane Eco Campus, the future interpretation, educational and volunteer centre, the course of the race will pass by Nečven, a medieval fort, the legacy of the famous ducal family of the Šubićes, cross the Krka River by Lake Brljan and climb to Burnum Amphitheatre, a jewel of ancient history. The organisers will provide transport to the starting line for runners from Skradin, Šibenik and Drniš and back again. Further details for runners and information about special traffic regulations while the race is on will be published during this race week.