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  13.03.2018, 07:29h

The official start list for the 1st Krka Half-marathon is published

After the great interest of the running public for the 1st Krka Half-marathon, the applications were closed and the official start list was published on the web site

The runners will be able to pick up their starting numbers and packets on Friday, the 13th of April at Skradin, at the offices of the Krka National Park, or on the day of the race, Saturday, the 14th of April, at the start on the Eco Campus Puljane. Everyone who wants to try running in surroundings of protected natural beauty and unique cultural and historical heritage, are welcome to apply for the smaller race of 5.5 km to the 20th of March.

The first Krka half-marathon is an international race, officially certified. Runners from twelve countries signed up for the race and will test their fitness on the trail in the magnificent northern part of the Krka National Park, with a length of 21,098 km. The race starts at the Eco Campus Puljane, the trail runs by the medieval fortress of Nečven, crosses the Krka River near Brljan Lake, and climbs to the Burnum amphitheatre. The organizer has ensured transportation to and from the race for runners from Skradin, Šibenik, and Drniš.

In the Burnum amphitheatre, where the attractive trail ends, a party for runners and visitors will be organized after the race. The runners will enter the finish line in Ancient Roman style. The amphitheater is part of the Roman military camp of Burnum, which is rightly considered a pearl of ancient architecture. It was built in the first half of the 1st century AD. Today remains of arches belonging to the military command building (praetoria) and the well preserved amphitheater are visible. Every year, the Burnum Ides event is held in the amphitheatre, which reconstructs the history of this region in Roman times, depicting the life and customs of the civilian population, as well as the unavoidable elements of legionary skills, all complemented by various artistic forms that draw their roots and themes from that time. The runners will be welcomed in an atmosphere like that of the triumphantly anticipated Roman military leaders.

As a reminder, the race starts on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 10 am at the Eco Campus Puljane. Detailed instructions for the runners will be announced just before the race.