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  04.07.2017, 11:21h

The Sounds of the River - Crvena Jabuka

The concert by the band Crvena Jabuka was held on Friday, 7 July 2017 at Skradin, before the branch office of the Public Institute of Krka National Park.

Surrounded by the fragrance of the brackish water where the Krka River meets the sea, and the rich scents of fresh food prepared using traditional recipes of the picturesque town of Skradin, concert goers had the opportunity to enjoy some of the classic hits of the band from its debut album back in 1986, and all the hits up until their newest double CD release.

The event Zvuci Krke – The Sounds of the River again this year is dedicated to massing on an ecological message, as music with a message. Prior to each concert, visitors are able to view a series of exhibits, take part in workshops or ecological campaigns. Visitors to the Crvena Jabuka concert on Friday were invited to take part in a textile recycling workshop by the Eko Zadar ecological society, which also presented some of its handicrafts. Those interested were able to learn how to turn old clothing and discarded textile materials into new items, for the purpose of creating positive change and sustainable development, by stimulating active participation and promoting ecological awareness. 


Programme of the event Zvuci Krke – The Sounds of the River:

17 July, Saturday, Drniš, Kolo singing society from Šibenik

23 July, Sunday, Roški Slap, Gabi and Matija Dedić

27 July, Thursday, Visovac, Nera Gojanović Kljajić and Krešimir Stražanac

17 August, Thursday, Roški Slap, Hothouse Flowers

24 August, Thursday, Roški Slap, Davor Radolfi


We kindly invite you to join us for the Musical Evenings along the Krka River!