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  09.01.2018, 08:03h

The second EU project in a year - the Lozovac entrance

The Public Institution of the Krka National Park is just a step away from receiving a grant to improve the facilities at the Lozovac entrance.

The project proposal Center for Visitor Management at the Krka National Park – Lozovac has successfully passed all the evaluation phases and a decision about financing is expected.

The total eligible project costs are 84,351,360.63 HRK and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD) will co-finance 85%  (71,698,656.53 HRK) in the form of grants from the Operational Program for Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 - Promoting Sustainable Use of the Natural Heritage in National Parks and Nature Parks (project code KK.

The public institution "Krka National Park" will thus continue to implement a strategic project aimed at sustainable development and quality management of visits utilizing EFRD funds, as last year funds were approved for the project The Unknown Krka: the Hidden Treasures of the Upper and Middle Courses of the Krka River, aimed at development of the visitor infrastructure of the upper course of the river.

The goal of the project is to increase the attractiveness of NP Krka as a tourist attraction by constructing an infrastructure for the reception, management, and education of visitors, to enhance the educational capacities for interactive education and informing visitors, to achieve a better spatial and chronological scheduling of visitors, and the overall social, economic and environmental well-being.

“In the Krka National Park, we have many reasons for satisfaction. Behind us is one of our must successful years, and we begin 2018 just a step away from receiving a grant for a second EU project within a year. Since the majority of visitors to the Park enter at Lozovac, the new Visitor Center will provide high quality reception, education, and spatial and chronological scheduling of visitors with the aim of relieving crowding at Skradinski Buk, as well as timely information on upstream localities in the newly refurbished informational and educational infrastructure. On the other hand, Krka National Park will finance from its own funds the construction of a new berth in Skradin for eight tourist boats. All this will contribute to the reduction of crowds, and thus a better experience of the Park and the preservation of the natural equilibrium, which is our primary task”, said the director of the Krka National Park, Krešimir Šakić, MA.

The construction and installation of the Lozovac entrance complex includes the building and equipping of the Visitor Center, which will include multimedia, presentation, administrative, and hospitality facilities, divided into four blocks, as well as a sanitary block, and the construction and arrangement of roads, car parks, and pedestrian areas. It will be located in the area of the present buffet and it will extend to the existing sanitary fixture. The building, whose architectural solution is the work of the Atmosfera studio in Zagreb, along with a unique belvedere will represent a kind of attraction in itself.

It remains to wait for the final financing decision and the signing of the contract, after which the project will be officially presented to the public in detail, and then the Krka National Park will prepare the selection process for a contractor, given that all necessary permits have already been obtained.