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  29.07.2020, 13:47h

With joint forces into the new fire season

A cooperation agreement has been signed with the representatives of volunteer Fire Departments to protect highest natural values.

Fire protection is one of the essential goals in the Rule book for protection and preservation of Krka National Park contained also in all other strategic documents that guide the actions of the Public Institute of Krka National Park. This is why this year as well all measures and preparatory activities for fire protection have been undertaken.

Representatives of volunteer Fire Departments Skradin, Dubravice, Sv. Juraj, Ervenik, Promina and Drniš and the director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park have signed a cooperation agreement for the fire season 2020. Each volunteer Fire Department will organise a fire unit for fire services and fire extinguishing in the Krka NP area, establish increased fire call duty in days of very high risk of fire in open space our unfavorable weather conditions and provide observation units at key points.

The Public Institute of Krka National Park is particularly concerned about fire protection, with the Department for Fire Protection and Occupational Safety operating within the Technical Service. Each year, the Programme of activities for special fire protection measures, Plan of the observation service, and Plan for monitoring, protection and patrol are passed, and each list the prescribed fire protection measures in the field, with an emphasis on the period between 1 June and 1 October. Within the activities laid down in these plans, fire paths are cleared, low vegetation is removed and grass is mowed, hiking trails are maintained and fire extinguishers are serviced. During fire season, there is a separate observation unit is out in the field.

An important part of fire safety is keeping walking trails well maintained. Most of these trails were the old trails used by the population long ago to reach their lands and the water. In addition to creating added value in the visitor system of the National Park, cleaning overgrown trails and clearing thickets and macchia also contribute to fire protection. 

The support of Fire Departments and volunteer Fire Departments in towns surrounding the Park is vital. We thank all firefighters for their watchful eye, reaction and dedication and we wish you a calm fire season!