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Krka Monastery

The Krka Monastery (Holy Archangel), the spiritual centre of the Orthodox faith, stands 3.5 kilometres east of Kistanje, in a bay on the Krka River.

Erected on the foundations of an earlier Eremite monastery, it was first mentioned in the written records in 1402, as the endowment of Jelena Šubić.

A church built in the Byzantine style stands next to the monastery. Below the church there are ancient Roman catacombs, which are open to visitors. The monastery was named after the Krka River, which abounds here in plant and animal species, thanks to the water which provides them with life and the peace that is assured due to man’s absence. 

 The Krka Monastery can be visited by organized boat excursions (lasts 2.5 hours) from Roški slap from April to October. It can also be reached by road from Kistanje.