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Oziđana pećina cave

This prehistorical locality is situated near the very top of the canyon, above Roški slap, and many traces of human settlement have been found here (fragments of ceramic dishes, stone artefacts, human bones…).

Oziđana pećina cave is situated on the left bank of the Krka River, just above the Roški slap, near the very top of the canyon.

 Its interior is tunnel-shaped, 59 m long, about 7 m wide and 2.5 m high. During a reconnaissance study of the caves and pits in the Krka canyon in 1988, fragments of ceramic dishes bearing characteristics of the Hvar culture (early Neolithic age) were found in the cave, which was reason to conclude that this natural structure served humans as a living area.

A further study in early 2005 revealed more ceramic fragments, this time belonging to the Danilo culture. This was interesting enough to organize comprehensive archaeological research in the cave, and the results were very interesting: a large number of various ceramic dishes were found, clearly outlining the presence of all the Neolithic cultures, and those of the Eneolithic age and early and middle Bronze Age, i.e. from about 5000 BC to about 1500 BC. Stone artefacts (knives), stone tools (hand-held millstones) and various animal bones were found.

Another interesting find were the skeletons of two children, laying in the foetal position. Upon completion of this research, the public institute of the national park plans to set up a museum collection in situ, i.e. in the cave, and make this area accessible to the public.