Glavni izbornik

Izdvojeni sadržaji

Program no. 1

- Duration: about two hours

- Entrance: by car at the Lozovac entrance (or entry on foot from the Lozovac entrance on a pedestrian path 875 m long)- 

- Information recommended by Krka National Park professional stuff member 

- A tour of the Skradinski Buk Waterfalls

- Exit at the Lozovac entrance.

Skradinski Buk is the best-known and most visited waterfall on the Krka River. In addition to the stunning beauty of seventeen cascades, this site has many attractions, which you will discover walking along the 1800 m long informative path. The educational posters present information about the full variety of the floral and faunal wildlife, and by taking advantage of the lack of crowds, you will get to know more about the Krka National Park and can become its spokesperson in the community, sharing your knowledge about the value of protecting the environment.

Did you know? The Krka and its mouth have an unusual ability to "produce" natural soap. The large amount of foam you see beneath the waterfalls at Skradinski Buk is actually a natural soap.